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Over the next few months, Andrew grew bigger and stronger and accomplished things that many doctors never thought he would. By three months old, Andrew was breathing on his own.
This was such an exciting time. We could now hold Andrew without the help of his nurses, and we finally were able to hear him cry. Unfortunately these days were not to last, as Andrew developed a devastating lung infection a few short weeks later and had to be re-intubated. Andrew would spend the next several months battling infection after infection. Sadly his lungs, premature and damaged by the CF and many infections, could not heal and Andrew passed away in July of 2006.
Andrew had such a strong will and fighting spirit. We formed Andrew's Army in memory and honor of that amazing spirit. We hope that Andrew and his memory can inspire others, as he has inspired us, to fight for happier, healthier tomorrows for all children. Thank you for reading about our little angel.
Bob and Stephanie Vitner